Looking Back At Terror


In today’s society it seems terror and terrorist are more prevalent than ever before, but is that really the case? Maybe it just appears that way because of the media. They spread the terror more frequently and more dramatically than ever before. I am not saying it isn’t out there, but the truth is, it always has been.

One huge event that comes to mind is Hitler, which wasn’t really that long ago. It all started in 1933 and lasted until 1945. He was almost single handedly responsible for World War II. He tried to wipe out an entire religious population. Nazie’s and their collaboraters were responsible for between 11 and 14 million deaths.


Joseph Stalin is classified as worse than Hitler. He led the Soviet Union until 1953. He ruled through terror and eliminated anyone who opposed him. He created collective farming where the government took over control of the farms. This eventually led to a famine that killed millions. He was responsible for the onset of the Korean War as well.


Other notable acts of terror that happened before 9-11 include:

  • Oklahoma City Bombing on April 15, 1995 by Timothy McVeigh
  • Truck bombings of US Embassies in 1988. Three foreign embassies were attacked, with trucks carrying bombs, within minutes of each other.
  • World Trade Center Truck Bombing in 1993. This was a major ordeal at the time, if only we could have seen the real damage that was coming in 2001.


There has been terror throughout history and there will continue to be terror. Many people believe it is worse now than ever, but like I said earlier, I think the media is what is changed not the amount of terror. One terror does strike, the media seems to create more terror within the public then the actual act. One of my close friends who owns carpet cleaning las vegas is extremely susceptible to media terror hype. Also, if the media backed off so would the terror. People who commit terror want recognition. If they didn’t get attention they would have no reason to commit the act.

Something for the media to think about.



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